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Pintdecor Pintores 936 666 854 - Conversion de Pantone a NCS
Ubicacion: Inicio Conversion de Pantone a NCS
Conversion de Pantone a NCS

Tabla de Conversion de Pantone a NCS (Natural Color System)

PANTONE NCS (mas parecido)   PANTONE NCS (mas parecido)
Pantone Yellow C NCS 0580-Y   Pantone 3985C NCS 3060-G80Y
Pantone Yellow U NCS 0580-Y   Pantone 3985U NCS 4040-G80Y
Pantone Warm Red C NCS 0580-Y70R   Pantone 3995C NCS 5040-G80Y
Pantone Warm Red U NCS 0580-Y70R   Pantone 3995U NCS 6020-G70Y
Pantone Rubine Red C NCS 1575-R10B   Pantone 400C NCS 2005-Y50R
Pantone Rubine Red U NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 400U NCS 2502-R
Pantone Rhodamine Red C     Pantone 401C NCS 2005-Y50R
Pantone Rhodamine Red U NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 401U NCS 2502-R
Pantone Purple C     Pantone 402C NCS 4005-Y50R
Pantone Purple U NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 402U NCS 3502-R
Pantone Violet C     Pantone 403C NCS 4055-Y50R
Pantone Violet U NCS 3050-R60B   Pantone 403U NCS 4502-R
Pantone Reflex Blue C NCS 3560-R80B   Pantone 404C NCS 6005-Y20R
Pantone Reflex Blue U NCS 3060-R70B   Pantone 404U NCS 5502-R
Pantone Process Blue C NCS 2065-B   Pantone 405C NCS 7005-Y20R
Pantone Process Blue U NCS 1565-B   Pantone 405U NCS 6502-R
Pantone Green C NCS 2060-B90G   Pantone 406C NCS 2005-Y50R
Pantone Green U NCS 2060-B90G   Pantone 406U NCS 2005-Y50R
Pantone Black C NCS 8005-Y20R   Pantone 407C NCS 3005-Y50R
Pantone Black U NCS 7502-Y   Pantone 407U NCS 3005-Y80R
Pantone Yellow 012C NCS 0580-Y   Pantone 408C NCS 3005-Y50R
Pantone Yellow 012U NCS 0580-Y   Pantone 408U NCS 4005-Y80R
Pantone Orange 021C NCS 0585-Y60R   Pantone 409C NCS 5005-Y50R
Pantone Orange 021U NCS 0580-Y60R   Pantone 409U NCS 5005-Y80R
Pantone Red 032C NCS 0580-Y90R   Pantone 410C NCS 5005-Y50R
Pantone Red 032U NCS 0580-Y90R   Pantone 410U NCS 5502-R
Pantone Blue 072C NCS 4055-R70B   Pantone 411C NCS 7005-Y50R
Pantone Blue 072U NCS 4055-R70B   Pantone 411U NCS 6502-R
Pantone Process Yellow C NCS 0575-G90Y   Pantone 412C NCS 8005-Y80R
Pantone Process Yellow U NCS 0575-G90Y   Pantone 412U NCS 7502-R
Pantone Process Magenta C NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 413C NCS 2005-Y20R
Pantone Process Magenta U NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 413U NCS 2502-Y
Pantone Process Cyan C NCS 1565-B   Pantone 414C NCS 2502-Y
Pantone Process Cyan U NCS 1565-B   Pantone 414U NCS 3502-Y
Pantone Process Black C NCS 8502-R   Pantone 415C NCS 3502-Y
Pantone Process Black U NCS 8000-N   Pantone 415U NCS 3502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 1C NCS 1005-Y20R   Pantone 416C NCS 5005-G80Y
Pantone Warm Gray 1U NCS 1005-Y20R   Pantone 416U NCS 4502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 2C NCS 1005-Y50R   Pantone 417C NCS 6005-G80Y
Pantone Warm Gray 2U NCS 2005-Y50R   Pantone 417U NCS 5502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 3C NCS 2005-Y50R   Pantone 418C NCS 7005-G80Y
Pantone Warm Gray 3U NCS 3005-Y50R   Pantone 418U NCS 6502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 4C NCS 3005-Y50R   Pantone 419C NCS 8502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 4U NCS 3005-Y50R   Pantone 419U NCS 7502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 5C NCS 3005-Y50R   Pantone 420C NCS 1502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 5U NCS 4005-Y50R   Pantone 420U NCS 2000-N
Pantone Warm Gray 6C NCS 3005-Y50R   Pantone 421C NCS 2502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 6U NCS 4005-Y50R   Pantone 421U NCS 3000-N
Pantone Warm Gray 7C NCS 4005-Y50R   Pantone 422C NCS 3502-Y
Pantone Warm Gray 7U NCS 4005-Y50R   Pantone 422U NCS 3500-N
Pantone Warm Gray 8C NCS 4005-Y50R   Pantone 423C NCS 4500-N
Pantone Warm Gray 8U NCS 5005-Y50R   Pantone 423U NCS 4502-B
Pantone Warm Gray 9C NCS 5005-Y50R   Pantone 424C NCS 5500-N
Pantone Warm Gray 9U NCS 5005-Y50R   Pantone 424U NCS 5502-B
Pantone Warm Gray 10C NCS 6005-Y50R   Pantone 425C NCS 7000-N
Pantone Warm Gray 10U NCS 6502-Y   Pantone 425U NCS 6502-B
Pantone Warm Gray 11C NCS 6005-Y50R   Pantone 426C NCS 8500-N
Pantone Warm Gray 11U NCS 6502-Y   Pantone 426U NCS 8000-N
Pantone Cool Gray 1C NCS 1002-Y   Pantone 427C NCS 1502-Y
Pantone Cool Gray 1U NCS 1002-Y   Pantone 427U NCS 2000-N
Pantone Cool Gray 2C NCS 1502-Y   Pantone 428C NCS 2000-N
Pantone Cool Gray 2U NCS 1502-Y   Pantone 428U NCS 2502-B
Pantone Cool Gray 3C NCS 2000-N   Pantone 429C NCS 2502-B
Pantone Cool Gray 3U NCS 2500-N   Pantone 429U NCS 3002-B
Pantone Cool Gray 4C NCS 2500-N   Pantone 430C NCS 3502-B
Pantone Cool Gray 4U NCS 3000-N   Pantone 430U NCS 5005-R80B
Pantone Cool Gray 5C NCS 3000-N   Pantone 431C NCS 5502-B
Pantone Cool Gray 5U NCS 3500-N   Pantone 431U NCS 6005-R80B
Pantone Cool Gray 6C NCS 3500-N   Pantone 432C NCS 7502-B
Pantone Cool Gray 6U NCS 4000-N   Pantone 432U NCS 7005-R80B
Pantone Cool Gray 7C NCS 4500-N   Pantone 433C NCS 8502-B
Pantone Cool Gray 7U NCS 4500-N   Pantone 433U NCS 7005-R80B
Pantone Cool Gray 8C NCS 5000-N   Pantone 434C NCS 1005-R20B
Pantone Cool Gray 8U NCS 4502-B   Pantone 434U NCS 2010-R30B
Pantone Cool Gray 9C NCS 5500-N   Pantone 435C NCS 2005-R20B
Pantone Cool Gray 9U NCS 5000-N   Pantone 435U NCS 3010-R30B
Pantone Cool Gray 10C NCS 6000-N   Pantone 436C NCS 3010-R10B
Pantone Cool Gray 10U NCS 5502-B   Pantone 436U NCS 4010-R30B
Pantone Cool Gray 11C NCS 7000-N   Pantone 437C NCS 4010-R10B
Pantone Cool Gray 11U NCS 6502-B   Pantone 437U NCS 5010-R30B
Pantone 100C NCS 0540-G90Y   Pantone 438C NCS 7010-Y90R
Pantone 100U NCS 0530-G90Y   Pantone 438U NCS 6005-R20B
Pantone 101C NCS 0560-G90Y   Pantone 439C NCS 8005-Y80R
Pantone 101U NCS 0550-G90Y   Pantone 439U NCS  7005-R20B
Pantone 102C NCS 0575-G90Y   Pantone 440C NCS 8005-Y80R
Pantone 102U NCS 0570-G90Y   Pantone 440U NCS 7502-R
Pantone 103C NCS 1075-G90Y   Pantone 441C NCS 1502-G
Pantone 103U NCS 2060-G90Y   Pantone 441U NCS 2502-G
Pantone 104C NCS 2070-G90Y   Pantone 442C NCS 2502-G
Pantone 104U NCS 3050-G80Y   Pantone 442U NCS 3502-G
Pantone 105C NCS 4050-G80Y   Pantone 443C NCS 3502-G
Pantone 105U NCS 5030-G90Y   Pantone 443U NCS 4502-G
Pantone 106C NCS 0550-G90Y   Pantone 444C NCS 4502-G
Pantone 106U NCS 0540-G90Y   Pantone 444U NCS 5502-B
Pantone 107C NCS 0560-G90Y   Pantone 445C NCS 6502-G
Pantone 107U NCS 0560-Y   Pantone 445U NCS 6502-B
Pantone 108C NCS 0570-Y   Pantone 446C NCS 7502-G
Pantone 108U NCS 0570-Y   Pantone 446U NCS 6502-B
Pantone 109C NCS 0580-Y   Pantone 447C NCS 8005-G50Y
Pantone 109U NCS 0580-Y10R   Pantone 447U NCS 7500-N
Pantone 110C NCS 1080-Y   Pantone 448C NCS 7020-G90Y
Pantone 110U NCS 2060-Y   Pantone 448U NCS 7005-G80Y
Pantone 111C NCS 3060-G90Y   Pantone 449C NCS 6020-G90Y
Pantone 111U NCS 4040-G90Y   Pantone 449U NCS 6010-G90Y
Pantone 112C NCS 3060-G90Y   Pantone 450C NCS 6020-G90Y
Pantone 112U NCS 4040-G90Y   Pantone 450U NCS 6010-G90Y
Pantone 113C NCS 0550-Y   Pantone 451C NCS 3020-Y
Pantone 113U NCS 0550-Y   Pantone 451U NCS 4010-G90Y
Pantone 114C NCS 0560-Y   Pantone 452C NCS 2010-Y
Pantone 114U NCS 0560-Y   Pantone 452U NCS 3010-G90Y
Pantone 115C NCS 0570-Y   Pantone 453C NCS 2010-Y
Pantone 115U NCS 1070-Y10R   Pantone 453U NCS 3010-G90Y
Pantone 116C NCS 0580-Y10R   Pantone 454C NCS 1005-Y20R
Pantone 116U NCS 0580-Y20R   Pantone 454U NCS 2010-G90Y
Pantone 117C NCS 2070-Y10R   Pantone 4485C NCS 7020-G90Y
Pantone 117U NCS 3050-Y   Pantone 4485U NCS 6020-G90Y
Pantone 118C NCS 3060-Y   Pantone 4495C NCS 5030-G90Y
Pantone 118U NCS 4040-Y   Pantone 4495U NCS 5020-G90Y
Pantone 119C NCS 5040-G90Y   Pantone 4505C NCS 3030-G90Y
Pantone 119U NCS 5030-G90Y   Pantone 4505U NCS 4020-G90Y
Pantone 120C NCS 0540-Y   Pantone 4515C NCS 3020-Y
Pantone 120U NCS 0540-Y10R   Pantone 4515U NCS 3020-G90Y
Pantone 121C NCS 0550-Y   Pantone 4525C NCS 2020-Y
Pantone 121U NCS 1060-Y10R   Pantone 4525U NCS 2020-Y
Pantone 122C NCS 0560-Y10R   Pantone 4535C NCS 1010-Y
Pantone 122U NCS 1060-Y20R   Pantone 4535U NCS 2010-Y
Pantone 123C NCS 0580-Y20R   Pantone 4545C NCS 1010-Y10R
Pantone 123U NCS 0570-Y30R   Pantone 4545U NCS 1010-Y
Pantone  124C NCS 2070-Y20R   Pantone 455C NCS 6030-G90Y
Pantone 124U NCS 2060-Y20R   Pantone 455U NCS 6020-G90Y
Pantone 125C NCS 3060-Y10R   Pantone 456C NCS 4050-G90Y
Pantone 125U NCS 4040-Y10R   Pantone 456U NCS 5030-G90Y
Pantone 126C NCS 4050-Y   Pantone 457C NCS 3060-Y
Pantone 126U NCS 5030-G90Y   Pantone 457U NCS 3040-Y
Pantone 127C NCS 0530-Y   Pantone 458C NCS 1050-G90Y
Pantone 127U NCS 1040-Y   Pantone 458U NCS 2040-Y
Pantone 128C NCS 1050-Y   Pantone 459C NCS 1030-G90Y
Pantone 128U NCS 1040-Y10R   Pantone 459U NCS 1030-G90Y
Pantone 129C NCS 1060-Y10R   Pantone 460C NCS 1020-Y
Pantone 129U NCS 1060-Y20R   Pantone 460U NCS 1020-G90Y
Pantone 130C NCS 1070-Y20R   Pantone 461C NCS 1020-Y
Pantone 130U NCS 1070-Y30R   Pantone 461U NCS 1020-G90Y
Pantone 131C NCS 2070-Y20R   Pantone 462C NCS 7020-Y10R
Pantone 131U NCS 3050-Y20R   Pantone 462U NCS 7010-Y10R
Pantone 132C NCS 3060-Y10R   Pantone 463C NCS 6030-Y10R
Pantone 132U NCS 4040-Y   Pantone 463U NCS 6010-Y30R
Pantone 133C NCS 5040-G90Y   Pantone 464C NCS 5040-Y20R
Pantone 133U NCS 5020-G90Y   Pantone 464U NCS 5020-Y30R
Pantone 134C NCS 0530-Y10R   Pantone 465C NCS 3020-Y20R
Pantone 134U NCS 1030-Y10R   Pantone 465U NCS 3020-Y30R
Pantone 135C NCS 0560-Y20R   Pantone 466C NCS 2020-Y20R
Pantone 135U NCS 0540-Y20R   Pantone 466U NCS 2020-Y30R
Pantone 136C NCS 0570-Y20R   Pantone 467C NCS 2010-Y20R
Pantone 136U NCS 0560-Y30R   Pantone 467U NCS 2010-Y30R
Pantone 137C NCS 0580-Y30R   Pantone 468C NCS 1010-Y20R
Pantone 137U NCS 0570-Y40R   Pantone 468U NCS 1010-Y30R
Pantone 138C NCS 1080-Y30R   Pantone 4625C NCS 7020-Y50R
Pantone 138U NCS 2060-Y30R   Pantone 4625U NCS 7010-Y30R
Pantone 139C NCS 3560-Y20R   Pantone 4632C NCS 5040-Y40R
Pantone 139U NCS 4040-Y20R   Pantone 4635U NCS 6010-Y50R
Pantone 140C NCS 6030-Y10R   Pantone 4645C NCS 4020-Y50R
Pantone 140U NCS 5020-Y10R   Pantone 4645U NCS 4020-Y50R
Pantone 1345C NCS 0530-Y20R   Pantone 4655C NCS 3020-Y50R
Pantone 1345U NCS 0530-Y20R   Pantone 4655U NCS 3020-Y60R
Pantone 1355C NCS 0540-Y20R   Pantone 4665C NCS 2020-Y50R
Pantone 1355U NCS 0540-Y30R   Pantone 4665U NCS 2010-Y60R
Pantone 1365C NCS 0560-Y30R   Pantone 4675C NCS 1010-Y60R
Pantone 1365U NCS 0560-Y40R   Pantone 4675U NCS 1010-Y60R
Pantone 1375C NCS 0580-Y40R   Pantone 4685C NCS 1010-Y60R
Pantone 1375U NCS 0560-Y40R   Pantone 4685U NCS 1010-Y50R
Pantone 1385C NCS 2070-Y30R   Pantone 469C NCS 7020-Y50R
Pantone 1385U NCS 2050-Y40R   Pantone 469U NCS 6010-Y50R
Pantone 1395C NCS 4050-Y20R   Pantone 470C NCS 4550-Y50R
Pantone 1395U NCS 5020-Y30R   Pantone 470U NCS 5020-Y50R
Pantone 1405C NCS 7020-Y10R   Pantone 471C NCS 3060-Y50R
Pantone 1405U NCS 6010-Y10R   Pantone 471U NCS 4040-Y60R
Pantone 141C NCS 1040-Y10R   Pantone 472C NCS 2030-Y50R
Pantone 141U NCS 1030-Y20R   Pantone 472U NCS 2030-Y60R
Pantone 142C NCS 1050-Y20R   Pantone 473C NCS 1030-Y50R
Pantone 142U NCS 1040-Y20R   Pantone 473U NCS 1030-Y70R
Pantone 143C NCS 1060-Y20R   Pantone 474C NCS 1020-Y50R
Pantone 143U NCS 1050-Y30R   Pantone 474U NCS 1020-Y70R
Pantone 144C NCS 1080-Y40R   Pantone 475C NCS 1010-Y50R
Pantone 144U NCS 1060-Y50R   Pantone 475U NCS 1020-Y60R
Pantone 145C NCS 2070-Y30R   Pantone 4695C NCS 7020-Y70R
Pantone 145U NCS 3050-Y30R   Pantone 4695U NCS 7010-Y70R
Pantone 146C NCS 4050-Y20R   Pantone 4705C NCS 6020-Y70R
Pantone 146U NCS 4040-Y20R   Pantone 4705U NCS 6010-Y70R
Pantone 147C NCS 6020-G90Y   Pantone 4715C NCS 4020-Y70R
Pantone 147U NCS 6020-G90Y   Pantone 4715U NCS 5010-Y70R
Pantone 148C NCS 0530-Y30R   Pantone 4725C NCS 3010-Y70R
Pantone 148U NCS 0530-Y40R   Pantone 4725U NCS 4010-Y70R
Pantone 149C NCS 0540-Y30R   Pantone 4735C NCS 2010-Y70R
Pantone 149U NCS 1030-Y40R   Pantone 4735U NCS 2010-Y70R
Pantone 150C NCS 0570-Y30R   Pantone 4745C NCS 2010-Y70R
Pantone 150U NCS 0560-Y50R   Pantone 4745U NCS 2010-Y70R
Pantone 151C NCS 0585-Y50R   Pantone 4755C NCS 1010-Y70R
Pantone 151U NCS 0570-Y50R   Pantone 4755U NCS 1010-Y70R
Pantone 152C NCS 1080-Y50R   Pantone 476C NCS 7020-Y50R
Pantone 152U NCS 2060-Y50R   Pantone 476U NCS 7005-Y80R
Pantone 153C NCS 2570-Y40R   Pantone 477C NCS 7020-Y50R
Pantone 153U NCS 4040-Y40R   Pantone 477U NCS 6010-Y70R
Pantone 154C NCS 4050-Y40R   Pantone 478C NCS 6030-Y70R
Pantone 154U NCS 5030-Y30R   Pantone 478U NCS 6010-Y90R
Pantone 155C NCS 0520-Y20R   Pantone 479C NCS 3020-Y60R
Pantone 155U NCS 0520-Y30R   Pantone 479U NCS 4010-Y90R
Pantone 156C NCS 1030-Y30R   Pantone 480C NCS 2010-Y60R
Pantone 156U NCS 1030-Y40R   Pantone 480U NCS 3010-Y90R
Pantone 157C NCS 1060-Y40R   Pantone 481C NCS 1010-Y60R
Pantone 157U NCS 1050-Y50R   Pantone 481U NCS 2010-Y90R
Pantone 158C NCS 1080-Y60R   Pantone 482C NCS 1005-Y50R
Pantone 158U NCS 1070-Y70R   Pantone 482U NCS 2010-Y60R
Pantone 159C NCS 2070-Y60R   Pantone 483C NCS 6030-Y70R
Pantone 159U NCS 3050-Y60R   Pantone 483U NCS 6020-Y70R
Pantone 160C NCS 4050-Y50R   Pantone 484C NCS 3060-Y80R
Pantone 160U NCS 5030-Y50R   Pantone 484U NCS 5030-Y90R
Pantone 161C NCS 7020-Y30R   Pantone 485C NCS 1080-Y80R
Pantone 161U NCS 6020-Y30R   Pantone 485U NCS 1070-Y90R
Pantone 1555C NCS 0530-Y60R   Pantone 486C NCS 1040-Y80R
Pantone 1555U NCS 0530-Y60R   Pantone 486U NCS 1050-Y90R
Pantone 1565C NCS 0550-Y60R   Pantone 487C NCS 1030-Y80R
Pantone 1565U NCS 0540-Y60R   Pantone 487U NCS 1040-Y90R
Pantone 1575C NCS 0570-Y60R   Pantone 488C NCS 1020-Y70R
Pantone 1575U NCS 0560-Y70R   Pantone 488U NCS 1030-Y90R
Pantone 1585C  NCS 0585-Y60R   Pantone 489C NCS 1010-Y70R
Pantone 1585U NCS 0570-Y70R   Pantone 489U NCS 1020-Y90R
Pantone 1595C NCS 2075-Y60R   Pantone 490C NCS 7020-Y90R
Pantone 1595U NCS 2060-Y60R   Pantone 490U NCS 6020-R10B
Pantone 1605C NCS 4050-Y50R   Pantone 491C NCS 5040-R
Pantone 1605U NCS 4030-Y50R   Pantone 491U NCS 6020-R10B
Pantone 1615C NCS 5040-Y50   Pantone 492C NCS 4040-R
Pantone 1615U NCS 5020-Y50R   Pantone 492U NCS 5030-R10B
Pantone 162C NCS 0520-Y60R   Pantone 493C NCS 2040-R10B
Pantone 162U NCS 0530-Y70R   Pantone 493U NCS 2040-R20B
Pantone 163C NCS 0550-Y60R   Pantone 494C NCS 1030-R10B
Pantone 163U NCS 0550-Y70R   Pantone 494U NCS 1040-R20B
Pantone 164C NCS 0570-Y60R   Pantone 495C NCS 0530-R10B
Pantone 164U NCS 0560-Y70R   Pantone 495U NCS 1040-R20B
Pantone 165C NCS 0585-Y60R   Pantone 496C NCS 0520-R10B
Pantone 165U NCS 0570-Y70R   Pantone 496U NCS 1020-R30B
Pantone 166C NCS 1080-Y60R   Pantone 497C NCS 7020-Y90R
Pantone 166U NCS 2060-Y70R   Pantone 497U NCS 7010-Y90R
Pantone 167C NCS 3060-Y60R   Pantone 498C NCS 6020-Y90R
Pantone 167U NCS 4040-Y70R   Pantone 498U NCS 6020-Y90R
Pantone 168C NCS 6030-Y50R   Pantone 499C NCS 5030-Y90R
Pantone 168U NCS 6020-Y50R   Pantone 499U NCS 5020-R10B
Pantone 1625C NCS 0540-Y80R   Pantone 500C NCS 2030-R10B
Pantone 1625U NCS 0540-Y80R   Pantone 500U NCS 3030-R10B
Pantone 1635C NCS 0560-Y70R   Pantone 501C NCS 1020-R10B
Pantone 1635U NCS 0560-Y80R   Pantone 501U NCS 2030-R10B
Pantone 1645C NCS 0570-Y70R   Pantone 502C NCS 0520-R10B
Pantone 1645U NCS 0560-Y80R   Pantone 502U NCS 1020-R10B
Pantone 1655C NCS 0585-Y70R   Pantone 503C NCS 0510-R10B
Pantone 1655U NCS 0570-Y80R   Pantone 503U NCS 1020-R10B
Pantone 1665C NCS 1080-Y70R   Pantone 4975C NCS 8010-Y90R
Pantone 1665U NCS 2060-Y70R   Pantone 4975U NCS 7010-Y70R
Pantone 1675C NCS 3060-Y70R   Pantone 4985C NCS 5030-R10B
Pantone 1675U NCS 4040-Y70R   Pantone 4985U NCS 6010-R10B
Pantone 1685C NCS 5040-Y70R   Pantone 4995C NCS 4030-R10B
Pantone 1685U NCS 5020-Y70R   Pantone 4995U NCS 4020-R10B
Pantone 169C NCS 0530-Y90R   Pantone 5005C NCS 3020-R10B
Pantone 169U NCS 0530-R   Pantone 5005U NCS 3020-R10B
Pantone 170C NCS 0560-Y80R   Pantone 5015C NCS 2020-R10B
Pantone 170U NCS 0550-Y90R   Pantone 5015U NCS 2020-R10B
Pantone 171C NCS 0580-Y70R   Pantone 5025C NCS 2020-R
Pantone 171U NCS 0570-Y80R   Pantone 5025U NCS 2020-R10B
Pantone 172C NCS 0585-Y70R   Pantone 5035C NCS 1010-R
Pantone 172U NCS 0570-Y80R   Pantone 5035U NCS 1010-R
Pantone 173C NCS 2075-Y70R   Pantone 504C NCS 7020-R10B
Pantone 173U NCS 3050-Y80R   Pantone 504U NCS 7010-R30B
Pantone 174C NCS 4550-Y70R   Pantone 505C NCS 6030-R10B
Pantone 174U NCS 5030-Y70R   Pantone 505U NCS 6020-R10B
Pantone 175C NCS 7020-Y70R   Pantone 506C NCS 5040-R20B
Pantone 175U NCS 6020-Y70R   Pantone 506U NCS 5030-R30B
Pantone 176C NCS 0540-R10B   Pantone 507C NCS 2040-R20B
Pantone 176U NCS 0540-R10B   Pantone 507U NCS 3030-R30B
Pantone 177C NCS 0560-R   Pantone 508C NCS 1040-R30B
Pantone 177U NCS 0560-R   Pantone 508U NCS 2030-R30B
Pantone 178C NCS 0570-Y90R   Pantone 509C NCS 1030-R30B
Pantone 178U NCS 0565-R   Pantone 509U NCS 1030-R30B
Pantone 179C NCS 1080-Y80R   Pantone 510C NCS 1020-R30B
Pantone 179U NCS 2060-Y90R   Pantone 510U NCS 1030-R30B
Pantone 180C NCS 2070-Y80R   Pantone 511C NCS 6030-R30B
Pantone 180U NCS 4040-Y90R   Pantone 511U NCS 6010-R30B
Pantone 181C NCS 5040-Y80R   Pantone 512C NCS 4050-R40B
Pantone 181U NCS 6020-Y90R   Pantone 512U NCS 5030-R50B
Pantone 1765C NCS 0550-R10B   Pantone 513C NCS 2060-R40B
Pantone 1765U NCS 0540-R10B   Pantone 513U NCS 3050-R50B
Pantone 1775C NCS 1060-R10B   Pantone 514C NCS 1050-R40B
Pantone 1775U NCS 0560-R   Pantone 514U NCS 2040-R40B
Pantone 1785C NCS 0565-R   Pantone 515C NCS 1040-R40B
Pantone 1785U NCS 0565-R   Pantone 515U NCS 1040-R40B
Pantone 1788C NCS 0580-Y90R   Pantone 516C NCS 1030-R30B
Pantone 1788U NCS 0570-Y90R   Pantone 516U NCS 1040-R40B
Pantone 1795C NCS 1080-Y90R   Pantone 517C NCS 1020-R30B
Pantone 1795U NCS 1070-Y90R   Pantone 517U NCS 0530-R30B
Pantone 1805C NCS 2070-Y90R   Pantone 5115C NCS 7020-R10B
Pantone 1805U NCS 4040-Y90R   Pantone 5115U NCS 7010-R10B
Pantone 1815C NCS 5040-Y90R   Pantone 5125C NCS 5030-R30B
Pantone 1815U NCS 5030-Y90R   Pantone 5125U NCS 6010-R30B
Pantone 182C NCS 0540-R20B   Pantone 5135C NCS 4030-R30B
Pantone 182U NCS 0540-R20B   Pantone 5135U NCS 5020-R30B
Pantone 183C NCS 0550-R10B   Pantone 5145C NCS 3020-R30B
Pantone 183U NCS 1060-R10B   Pantone 5145U NCS 4020-R30B
Pantone 184C NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 5155C NCS 2020-R30B
Pantone 184U NCS 0565-R   Pantone 5155U NCS 2020-R30B
Pantone 185C NCS 0580-Y90R   Pantone 5165C NCS 2010-R30B
Pantone 185U NCS 1070-R   Pantone 5165U NCS 2010-R30B
Pantone 186C NCS 1080-Y90R   Pantone 5175C NCS 1010-R10B
Pantone 186U NCS 2060-R   Pantone 5175U NCS 1010-R30B
Pantone 187C NCS 2070-R   Pantone 518C NCS 7020-R30B
Pantone 187U NCS 3050-R   Pantone 518U NCS 3010-R30B
Pantone 188C NCS 4050-R   Pantone 519C NCS 5040-R40B
Pantone 188U NCS 5030-R10B   Pantone 519U NCS 6020-R50B
Pantone 189C NCS 0540-R20B   Pantone 520C NCS 4050-R50B
Pantone 189U NCS 1050-R20B   Pantone 520U NCS 5030-R50B
Pantone 190C NCS 1060-R10B   Pantone 521C NCS 2040-R50B
Pantone 190U NCS 1050-R10B   Pantone 521U NCS 3030-R50B
Pantone 191C NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 522C NCS 2030-R50B
Pantone 191U NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 522U NCS 2030-R50B
Pantone 192C NCS 1080-R   Pantone 523C NCS 1020-R50B
Pantone 192U NCS 1070-R   Pantone 523U NCS 1030-R50B
Pantone 193C NCS 1080-R   Pantone 524C NCS 1010-R30B
Pantone 193U NCS 3050-R   Pantone 524U NCS 1020-R50B
Pantone 194C NCS 3060-R10B   Pantone 5185C NCS 8010-R10B
Pantone 194U NCS 4040-R10B   Pantone 5185U NCS 7010-R30B
Pantone 195C NCS 5040-R   Pantone 5195C NCS 7020-R30B
Pantone 195U NCS 6020-R10B   Pantone 5195U NCS 6010-R30B
Pantone 196C NCS 0520-R10B   Pantone 5205C NCS 5020-R30B
Pantone 196U NCS 1030-R10B   Pantone 5205U NCS 5010-R30B
Pantone 197C NCS 1040-R10B   Pantone 5215C NCS 3020-R30B
Pantone 197U NCS 1040-R20B   Pantone 5215U NCS 3010-R30B
Pantone 198C NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 5225C NCS 3010-R30B
Pantone 198U NCS 1060-R10B   Pantone 5225U NCS 3010-R30B
Pantone 199C NCS 1080-R   Pantone 5235C NCS 2010-R10B
Pantone 199U NCS 1070-R   Pantone 5235U NCS 1010-R30B
Pantone 200C NCS 1080-R   Pantone 5245C NCS 1010-R10B
Pantone 200U NCS 2060-R   Pantone 5245U NCS 1005-R20B
Pantone 201C NCS 3060-R   Pantone 525C NCS 6030-R50B
Pantone 201U NCS 4040-R10B   Pantone 525U NCS 6020-R50B
Pantone 202C NCS 4050-R   Pantone 526C NCS 4050-R50B
Pantone 202U NCS 5030-R10B   Pantone 526U NCS 4040-R60B
Pantone 203C NCS 0530-R30B   Pantone 527C NCS 3555-R60B
Pantone 203U NCS 1040-R30B   Pantone 527U NCS 3050-R60B
Pantone 204C NCS 1050-R20B   Pantone 528C NCS 2050-R50B
Pantone 204U NCS 1050-R20B   Pantone 528U NCS 2050-R60B
Pantone 205C NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 529C NCS 1040-R50B
Pantone 205U NCS 1060-R20B   Pantone 529U NCS 1040-R60B
Pantone 206C NCS 1080-R   Pantone 530C NCS 1030-R50B
Pantone 206U NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 530U NCS 1040-R60B
Pantone 207C NCS 2070-R10B   Pantone 531C NCS 1020-R50B
Pantone 207U NCS 3050-R10B   Pantone 531U NCS 0530-R50B
Pantone 208C NCS 4050-R10B   Pantone 5255C NCS 7020-R50B
Pantone 208U NCS 4050-R10B   Pantone 5255U NCS 7010-R50B
Pantone 209C NCS 5040-R10B   Pantone 5265C NCS 6030-R60B
Pantone 209U NCS 5030-R20B   Pantone 5265U NCS 5020-R70B
Pantone 210C NCS 0540-R20B   Pantone 5275C NCS 5030-R70B
Pantone 210U NCS 1050-R20B   Pantone 5275U NCS 5020-R70B
Pantone 211C NCS 1050-R20B   Pantone 5285C NCS 4020-R70B
Pantone 211U NCS 1060-R20B   Pantone 5285U NCS 3020-R70B
Pantone 212C NCS 1060-R20B   Pantone 5295C NCS 3020-R50B
Pantone 212U NCS 1060-R20B   Pantone 5295U NCS 2020-R70B
Pantone 213C NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 5305C NCS 2010-R50B
Pantone 213U NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 5305U NCS 2010-R50B
Pantone 214C NCS 1070-R10B   Pantone 5315C NCS 1010-R50B
Pantone 214U NCS 2060-R20B   Pantone 5315U NCS 1010-R50B
Pantone 215C NCS 3060-R10B   Pantone 532C NCS 8010-R70B
Pantone 215U NCS 4040-R20B   Pantone 532U NCS 7005-R80B
Pantone 216C NCS 4040-R20B   Pantone 533C NCS 6020-R80B
Pantone 216U NCS 5030-R30B   Pantone 533U NCS 6010-R70B
Pantone 217C NCS 0530-R30B   Pantone 534C NCS 5030-R70B
Pantone 217U NCS 0530-R30B   Pantone 534U NCS 5020-R70B
Pantone 218C NCS 1050-R30B   Pantone 535C NCS 2020-R70B
Pantone 218U NCS 1050-R30B   Pantone 535U NCS 3020-R70B
Pantone 219C NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 536C NCS 2020-R70B
Pantone 219U NCS 1060-R20B   Pantone 536U NCS 2020-R70B
Pantone 220C NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 537C NCS 2010-R70B
Pantone 220U NCS 3050-R20B   Pantone 537U NCS 2020-R70B
Pantone 221C NCS 2070-R20B   Pantone 538C NCS 1005-R80B
Pantone 221U NCS 4040-R20B   Pantone 538U NCS 1010-R70B
Pantone 222C NCS 5040-R20B   Pantone 539C NCS 7020-R90B
Pantone 222U NCS 5030-R30B   Pantone 539U NCS 6020-R90B
Pantone 223C NCS 1050-R30B   Pantone 540C NCS 5540-R90B
Pantone 223U NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 540U NCS 5030-R90B
Pantone 224C NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 541C NCS 4050-R90B
Pantone 224U NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 541U NCS 4040-R80B
Pantone 225C NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 542C NCS 2050-R90B
Pantone 225U NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 542U NCS 3040-R90B
Pantone 226C NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 543C NCS 1040-R90B
Pantone 226U NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 543U NCS 2040-R90B
Pantone 227C NCS 2070-R20B   Pantone 544C NCS 1030-R90B
Pantone 227U NCS 3050-R30B   Pantone 544U NCS 1040-R90B
Pantone 228C NCS 3060-R30B   Pantone 545C NCS 1020-R90B
Pantone 228U NCS 4040-R30B   Pantone 545U NCS 1020-R90B
Pantone 229C NCS 5040-R20B   Pantone 5395C NCS 8010-R90B
Pantone 229U NCS 5020-R30B   Pantone 5395U NCS 7010-R70B
Pantone 230C NCS 0540-R30B   Pantone 5405C NCS 6020-R90B
Pantone 230U NCS 0540-R30B   Pantone 5405U NCS 6010-R90B
Pantone 231C NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 5415C NCS 5020-R90B
Pantone 231U NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 5415U NCS 5020-R90B
Pantone 232C NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 5425C NCS 3020-B
Pantone 232U NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 5425U NCS 3020-R90B
Pantone 233C NCS 1070-R20B   Pantone 5435C NCS  2010-B
Pantone 233U NCS 2060-R30B   Pantone 5435U NCS 2020-R90B
Pantone 234C NCS 3055-R30B   Pantone 5445C NCS 1010-B
Pantone 234U NCS 3050-R30B   Pantone 5445U NCS 2010-B
Pantone 235C NCS 4050-R30B   Pantone 5455C NCS 1002-B
Pantone 235U NCS 4040-R30B   Pantone 5455U NCS 1010-B10G
Pantone 236C NCS 1050-R30B   Pantone 546C NCS 7020-B10G
Pantone 236 U NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 546U NCS 7010-R90B
Pantone 237C NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 547C NCS 6030-B10G
Pantone 237U NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 547U NCS 6020-R90B
Pantone 238C NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 548C NCS 6040-B10G
Pantone 238U NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 548U NCS 6020-R90B
Pantone 239C NCS 1060-R30B   Pantone 549C NCS 3030-B10G
Pantone 239U NCS 2060-R30B   Pantone 549U NCS 3030-B10G
Pantone 240C NCS 2060-R30B   Pantone 550C NCS 2030-B
Pantone 240U NCS 2060-R30B   Pantone 550U NCS 2030-B
Pantone 241C NCS 3055-R30B   Pantone 551C NCS 2020-B10G
Pantone 241U NCS 3050-R40B   Pantone 551U NCS 1030-R90B
Pantone 242C NCS 5040-R30B   Pantone 552C NCS 1010-B10G
Pantone 242U NCS 5030-R30B   Pantone 552U NCS 1020-R90B
Pantone 243C NCS 1040-R40B   Pantone 5463C NCS 7020-B30G
Pantone 243U NCS 1040-R40B   Pantone 5463U NCS 7010-B30G
Pantone 244C NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 5473C NCS 5030-B30G
Pantone 244U NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 5473U NCS 6020-B30G
Pantone 245C NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 5483C NCS 4020-B30G
Pantone 245U NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 5483U NCS 4020-B30G
Pantone 246C NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 5493C NCS 3020-B30G
Pantone 246U NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 5493U NCS 3020-B30G
Pantone 247C NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 5503C NCS 2020-B50G
Pantone 247U NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 5503U NCS 2020-B50G
Pantone 248C NCS 3055-R40B   Pantone 5513C NCS 1010-B70G
Pantone 248U NCS 3050-R40B   Pantone 5513U NCS 1010-B50G
Pantone 249C NCS 5040-R30B   Pantone 5523C NCS 1005-B80G
Pantone 249U NCS 5030-R30B   Pantone 5523U NCS 1010-B70G
Pantone 250C NCS 0530-R50B   Pantone 5467C NCS 8505-B80G
Pantone 250U NCS 1040-R40B   Pantone 5467U NCS 7502-G
Pantone 251C NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 5477C NCS 7010-B70G
Pantone 251U NCS 1050-R40B   Pantone 5477U NCS 7005-B20G
Pantone 252C NCS2060-R40B   Pantone 5487C NCS 5010-B70G
Pantone 252U NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 5487U NCS 5010-B50G
Pantone 253C NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 5497C NCS 4010-B70G
Pantone 253U NCS 2060-R40B   Pantone 5497U NCS 4010-B50G
Pantone 254C NCS 3055-R40B   Pantone 5507C NCS 3005-B80G
Pantone 254U NCS 3050-R50B   Pantone 5507U NCS 3010-B70G
Pantone 255C NCS 4040-R40B   Pantone 5517C NCS 2005-B80G
Pantone 255U NCS 5030-R50B   Pantone 5517U NCS 2005-B80G
Pantone 256C NCS 1030-R50B   Pantone 5527C NCS 1005-B80G
Pantone 256U NCS 1040-R50B   Pantone 5527U NCS 1005-B80G
Pantone 257C NCS 1040-R50B   Pantone 553C NCS 7020-G10Y
Pantone 257U NCS 2040-R50B   Pantone 553U NCS 7005-B80G
Pantone 258C NCS 3050-R50B   Pantone 554C NCS 6030-B90G
Pantone 258U NCS 3040-R50B   Pantone 554U NCS 6010-B70G
Pantone 259C NCS 4050-R40B   Pantone 555C NCS 5040-B90G
Pantone 259U NCS 4040-R50B   Pantone 555U NCS 5020-B70G
Pantone 260C NCS 5040-R40B   Pantone 556C NCS 3020-B90G
Pantone 260U NCS 5030-R50B   Pantone 556U NCS 4020-B70G
Pantone 261C NCS 6030-R30B   Pantone 557C NCS 2020-B90G
Pantone 261U